(All services are at 10.30am)

Date                     Reading in English                 Reading in Korean

July             01      *Betty Blaskett                          Hee-jae Jung

                   08        Alison Head                           *Sue Yang
                    15      *Sadie Stevens                           Hak-song Lee

                    22        Pat Sands                               *Kye-sun Noh

                    29      *Margery Heard                         Jong-min Kim

August        05      *Eric Stokes                                Joy Kim
                    12        Ros Lowe                                *Duk-kye Kim
19      *Jan McKenzie                           Jane Kim
                   26        Helen Martin                          *Jason Kim

September   02      *Betty Blaskett                           Joy Kim

09        Rosemary Lade                       *So-young Youn

                   16      *Keith Head                                Hak-song Lee
                   23        Eric Stokes                             *Ted Cho
                   30      *Ros Lowe                                 Lucy Kim

How to Use the Microphone when you are reading
There are some people who say they cannot hear when the lectern microphone is
being used.
When you are reading, the microphone needs to be very close to your mouth.  This distance is 2 inches (or 5 centimetres).  The microphone is on an adjustable arm, so can be moved.
Before you start reading, please pull the microphone 2 inches (5cms) from your mouth.  It feels very close, but just imagine you are a pop singer!
By doing this your voice will carry.              Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE  If you are unable to read on the Sunday indicated above, it would be appreciated if you would arrange to swap with another reader.

It is requested that readers come to the Vestry 5 to 10 minutes before the service commences to join in a short prayer before entering the church after the minister.

The reader marked by asterisk (*) will carry the Bible into church and light and extinguish the candle.

Please inform Rhonda at the Church Office (9817 4319) or Margery Heard
(9890 5158) of any changes you have made with another reader.  Thank you.