Comm.            Area

Date                All services are at 10.30am                                       Chair              Serving

January 7                                 Joan Taylor                     (duty)           R1                   R Centre front

                                                Jong-min Kim                                     R2                   R Centre back
                                                John Cooper                                        R3                   R Side front
                                                Kevin Kang                                         R4                   R Side back
                                                Nigel Tsai                                            L1                    L Centre front
                                                Alison Head                                        L2                    L Centre back
                                                June Stockman                        *          L3                    L Side front
                                                Fenny Tsai                                          L4                    L Side back
                                                Non-officiating Minister                                             Choir

February 4                               Kevin Park                     (duty)           R1                   R Centre front
                                                Victor Lee                                           R2                   R Centre back
                                                Eric Stokes                                          R3                   R Side front
                        Hee-jae Jung                                       R4                   R Side back
                        Jennifer Wendelsen                            L1                    L Centre front
                                                June Stockman                                    L2                    L Centre back
                                                Mary Wheeler                         *          L3                    L Side front
                                                Margery Heard                                    L4                    L Side back
                                                Non-officiating Minister                                             Choir

March 4                                   Lindsay Herbert             (duty)           R1                   R Centre front
                                                Pat Sands                                            R2                   R Centre back
                                                Jason Kim                                           R3                   R Side front
                                                Duk-kye Kim                                      R4                   R Side back
                                                Joy Kim                                               L1                    L Centre front
                                                Barbara Herbert                                  L2                    L Centre back
                                                Margery Heard                       *          L3                    L Side front
                                                Jane Kim                                            L4                    L Side back
                                                Non-officiating Minister                                             Choir

R = Pulpit Side
L = Lectern Side
Duty =  prepare the elements
* =  Assist in removing cloths covering the elements

Eight elders/servers will serve the communion – seated 4 on either side of the ministers. 
The non-officiating Minister will serve the Choir.  When setting the table please use 9 trays of 16 glasses each and 9 plates of bread – in addition to the ministers’ elements.

Please Note:  If you are unable to assist in serving as indicated please arrange for another elder to take your place and advise: 
# the duty elder
# Margery Heard (9890 5158)
                                    # Rhonda at the Church Office (9817 4319).

It is requested that elders remain in their pews until the Communion Hymn, when they should follow the Duty Elder (who will carry the chalice and bread from the rear of the church), to the seats in the apse.  Elders are requested to assist with collection and washing of glasses following the service.