Date                    (All services are at 10.30am)

April           01                         JuneStockman                Kevin Kang
18                         Margery Heard               Jane Youn
15                         Shirley Shepherd            Ted Cho

          22                         Keith Head                     Hak-song Lee

                   29                         Eric Stokes                    Kevin Kang

May            06                         Susie Bauer                     Kevin Kang
                    13                         Joe Hopwood                  Jane Youn
                   20                         Shirley Shepherd            Ted Cho
                   27                         June Stockman               Hak-song Lee

June            03                         Alison Head                    Kevin Kang
                   10                          Margery Heard               Jane Youn
                   17                         Susie Bauer                    Ted Cho
24                         Joe Hopwood                 Hak-song Lee

PLEASE NOTE  If you are unable to do door duty on the day indicated please arrange for another elder to be on duty and advise Rhonda at the Church Office (9817 4319) or Margery Heard (9890 5158).

NOTE TWO   At the close of the service the duty elder will seek out and make welcome, visitors attending the service.
If there are members who regularly attend Sunday Worship, but are not very well known by the Duty Elder, then the elder should make an effort to speak with them. This will help to develop a greater sense of belonging to the congregation.