Morning Tea Roster – 2018

January            7                      Brenda Sands                          Pat Sands
                        14                    Jean Tregear                            Helen Martin
                        21                                            Youth Group
                        28                    Norma Lupton                        Ros Lowe

February          4                      Barbara Herbert                      Susie Bauer
                        11                    Jan McKenzie                         Joe Hopwood
                        18                                            Youth Group
                        25                    Betty Blaskett                         Marj Doherty

March              4                      Margery Heard                       Joan Cooper
                        11                    June Stockman                        Audrey Steven
                        18                                            Youth Group
                        25                    Sadie Stevens                          Cec Patterson

April                1                      Alison Head                            Keith Head
                        8                      Joan Taylor                              Barry Taylor
                        15                                            Youth Group
                        22                    Brenda Sands                          Pat Sands
29                    Jean Tregear                            Helen Martin

May                 6                      Norma Lupton                        Ros Lowe
                        13                    Barbara Herbert                      Susie Bauer
                        20                                            Youth Group
                        27                    Jan McKenzie                         Joe Hopwood

June                 3                      Margery Heard                       Joan Cooper
                        10                    Betty Blaskett                         Marj Doherty
                        17                                            Youth Group
                        24                    June Stockman                        Audrey Steven

July                  1                      Sadie Stevens                          Cec Patterson
                        8                      Alison Head                            Keith Head
                        15                                            Youth Group
                        22                    Joan Taylor                              Barry Taylor
                        29                    Brenda Sands                          Pat Sands

August            5                      Jean Tregear                            Helen Martin
                        12                    Norma Lupton                        Ros Lowe
                        19                                            Youth Group
                        26                    Barbara Herbert                      Susie Bauer

September       2                      Margery Heard                       Joan Cooper
                        9                      Jan McKenzie                         Joe Hopwood
                        16                                            Youth Group
                        23                    Betty Blaskett                         Marj Doherty
                        30                    June Stockman                        Audrey Steven

October           7                      Sadie Stevens                          Cec Patterson
                        14                    Alison Head                            Keith Head
                        21                                            Youth Group
                        28                    Joan Taylor                              Barry Taylor

November       4                      Brenda Sands                          Pat Sands
                        11                    Jean Tregear                            Helen Martin
                        18                                            Youth Group
                        25                    Norma Lupton                        Ros Lowe

December        2                      Margery Heard                       Joan Cooper
                        9                      Barbara Herbert                      Susie Bauer
                        16                                            Youth Group
                        23                    Jan McKenzie                         Joyce Gardner
                        30                    Betty Blaskett                         Marj Doherty

If you are unable to serve morning tea on the day/s you are rostered, please arrange a swap with another person or pair.

Thank you for helping.