Things we do as a church

For all of us each Sunday
  • 10.30am Sunday Worship in two languages (together on Communion days, separate sermon on the other days)
  • 10.30am Sunday School
    • 0-6 year olds in Korean
    • 6-12 year olds in English
  • Joseph class
    • 12-18 year olds in English
  • Korean Women’s Prayer Group (Wednesday Korean Bible Study)
  • Many meetings (Church Council, Church Council Executive, Pastoral Care, Worship Committee, Christian Education Committee, Property Committee)
For children
  • Korean Community Playgroup (Tuesdays at the church, waiting list)
  • Korean Community Kinder style programme (Thursdays at the church, waiting list)
  • Card making for charity (on a Playgroup Tuesday once each school holiday at the church)
For young people
  • Focus on Youth
  • Camps

For older people
  • Friendship Circle (2nd Monday of the month in Sadie and Bert’s or Dalys and George's home)
  • U3A (about 700 members most weekdays at the church, Leo Baeck, Stradbrooke Pavilion and Deepdene Park Pavilion)
  • Walk on the Level
  • Dinner Out Together
For those who want help learning English
  • ECOS (English Conversation for Overseas Students at 6.00pm each Friday at the church)
  • U3A ESL classes (English as a Second Language - not in term 2)
  • Individual help after Sunday lunch at the church
For others in the local community
  • Boroondara Community Outreach (for those living in rooming houses. 2nd Sunday of the month at Kew Uniting Church  Organise the food and cooking list and provide most of the sausages, hamburgers and cooks for the BBQ)
  • Trinity Manor Nursing Home (fortnightly services and a Knitter Knatter group)