​ABOVE: Christmas Day 2018 Baptisms; Elise, Ryan Hayul and Annabelle.

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10 30 am          Morning Worship    Rev Jacob Yang    (Guest Preacher Mr Whan-sung You)

Rosters for 24 February    
Readers:                                                     Keith Head, Jong-Min Kim                                          
Welcome and collection:                               Audrey Steven, J Kim, J Maurovic, S Kang
Flower roster:                                                Barbara Herbert
Morning tea roster:                                         Marj Heard and Barbara Herbert

AnchorToday    10 30 am                             Worship service, followed by morning tea and Korean lunch and/or sandwiches. 

Thursday 28 February, 10 am                     Walk on the Level meets in Nungerner Street.  New walkers always welcome.  Walk for about one hour and then share a coffee.

Sunday  5 March, 10 30 am         Worship service, including Holy Communion, followed by morning tea and Korean lunch and or sandwiches.

Worship Services in neighbouring Uniting Churches
East Kew Uniting Church, Normanby Road                            Minister:  Rev Bronwyn Daniel
Morning worship             10 30 am; Holy Communion 1st Sunday of month
Habitat Uniting Church, Burke Road         Minister:  Rev Joan Wright Howie
Morning worship             generally 10 am; special services at other times and locations
Joonang Uniting Church, Highbury Grove                              Minister:  Rev Joseph Lee
Morning worship             11 30 am  (Korean language service)
 West Hawthorn Uniting Church, Highbury Grove               Minister:  Rev John Evans
Morning worship             9 30 am
Boroondara Community Outreach, Highbury Grove           Minister:  Rev Natalie Dixon-Monu
Monthly special worship service on 3rd Sunday of each month at 5 pm. 

Church Council elections              17 March
Have you thought about becoming a member of the Church Council.
For regular Church Council members this is not a role that takes a lot of time but it is really important that we have a full Council, representative of all parts of the congregation, so that we hear the views and opinions of different groups. 
We need church councillors with some experience of the working of the Council so that there is an understanding of decisions that have been made.  We also need some new church councillors to introduce new ideas and new ways.
Please don’t leave it to other people.  Your contribution would be valuable.
Nomination forms are available at the rear of the church.

Annual General Meeting             17 March
Our AGM will be held after the morning service but before lunch on Sunday 17 March.  The Annual Report is available, today, for collection.  Please read it so that you are prepared for the Annual General Meeting.

Tuesday 26 February      1 30 pm – 3 pm
Religious Freedom of Expression in Australia
Discussion leader:  Rev Pam White
Do 'people of faith' feel reluctant to express their views in an increasingly secular environment?   Do others think that 'people of faith' have too much influence in some areas of public discourse?
What are the main recommendations of the Ruddock Review of Religious Freedom?
The session will be mainly a discussion session, based on some of the recommendations of the Review.
Stradbroke Park Pavilion, Burke Road, East Kew
All members of the congregation are invited to attend  this special Religion session of U3A Deepdene.  Please phone on 9817 7736 to reserve a place, indicating that you are a member of the Deepdene Uniting Church.

Thursday 7 March  9 am – 12 30 pm
Auburn Coffee Morning
Our first meeting will be to the Jewish Holocaust Centre at 13-15 Selwyn Street, Elsternwick.  A 2-hour tour for $10 per person has been arranged for 10 am  (Seats available during the tour!). 
Elsternwick Station is very close, or to share cars meet at the Auburn Uniting Church car park at 9 am.  
Please join us for lunch at ‘The Goat House’.    
Kindly RSVP as soon as possible , indicating car availability or transport need, by email to Pat (concise222@gmail.com) or Daphne (9898 6133). All welcome. 


10 30 am     Morning Worship and Communion          Rev Jacob Yang

Rosters for 3 March                       

Readers:                                      Jacob to insert
Welcome and collection:                              
Flower roster:                                                                   
Morning tea roster: